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Helemano Farms — Hawaii Xmas Tree Farm
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Whitmore Avenue & Center Street, Wahiawa
Oahu, Hawaiian Islands 96786

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Norfolk Pine Christmas tree from Helemano Farms

Our trees stay green
Helemano Farms grows several trees, including Hawaii's dominant locally grown Christmas tree, the Norfolk pine.

Originally from Australia's Norfolk Island, Norfolk pine trees began growing in Hawaii in the 19th Century. Norfolks can grow more than 200 feet tall.

When cut down for Christmas, Norfolks stay green and gorgeous for more than a month. Norfolks do not quickly go brown like Christmas trees shipped to Hawaii.

No uninvited pests
We cut our Norfolks carefully and a new tree grows from each stump! In addition, real Christmas trees are better for Hawaii's environment than artificial trees.

Our locally grown trees do not invite invasive species into our island environment. This is a real risk with imported Christmas trees. Helemano Farms does not ship trees.

Leyland Cypress trees!
For Christmas 2014, Helemano Farms also will sell farm-grown Leyland Cypress trees! Leylands are soft and evergreen, and they have a light pine scent.

Leyland Cypress trees are a hybrid of Monterey cypress and Alaskan cedar, and they are gorgeous:

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