Helemano Christmas Tree Farm

Norfolk Pine Xmas Trees

Trees up to 5 foot....$45.00
Trees up to 6 foot..........$50.00
Trees up to 7 foot..........$60.00
Trees up to 8 foot..........$75.00
Trees up to 9 foot..........$90.00
Trees up to 10 foot.......$110.00
Trees up to 11 foot.......$130.00
Trees up to 12 foot*.....$150.00

* Each foot taller than 12 feet costs an additional $50. For example, a 14-foot Norfolk Pine tree is $250.00.

Leyland Cypress trees
and all other Christmas trees

Trees up to 5 foot...$60.00
Trees up to 6 foot..........$70.00
Trees up to 7 foot..........$85.00
Trees up to 8 foot........$100.00
Trees up to 9 foot........$120.00
Trees up to 10 foot*....$140.00

* Each foot taller than 10 feet costs an additional $25. For example, an 11-foot Leyland tree is $165.00.

Helemano Farms accepts all major credit cards. We do not accept any checks. We will have precut trees this year. Potted trees start at $15. Trees cut from the tops of tall Norfolks will be priced accordingly. Delivery, shipping and transportation are not available.

Professional photographers must pay a fee to hold a photo session at the farm. The fee costs $15 per person, including the photographer. The fee does not apply to any personal photos. Please pay the fee at the cashier stand upon arriving at the farm. Mahalo.

Customer Comments:
"Thanks to all of you for our Christmas Tree. The time has come to take it down - but it is still green and fresh and we have enjoyed it. It's great to come to the farm each year and be able to pick a fresh tree. Thanks for doing what you do!"

"We made the trip this year too and got a tree! It was so beautiful and the experience was amazing. Everyone was helpful and we left with the perfect tree. Can’t wait to go back again."

Hawaiian Christmas Wreaths available at Helemano Farms
starting at $25.00

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